We are the career change bootcamp for mid-career professionals!

Join the fastest growing part of the economy with the highest paying jobs

Our fully immersive 12-week courses, which start every month, will quickly prepare you to change careers, increase your income, and launch the next phase of your career. At Accelerator7 all of our classes are technology-based 8- or 12-week projects where you will learn new skills, apply the learning to your projects using standard reporting tools like Power Point, OneNote, SharePoint, and deliver your completed projects to your CIO.

The most valuable skills in demand right now in IT

There are tens of thousands of jobs available right now on Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster and Dice and every day companies post new IT jobs. At Accelerator7 we help you learn in-demand skills, change careers, and get a better higher paying job. We focus on the following high demand disciplines:

  • Amazon Web Services – The leader in cloud computing, storage and management

  • Cybersecurity – The number one problem of every company

  • Artificial Intelligence – The future of business is AI

Knowledge + Tools = Success

You need a job to get experience but you need experience to get a job. What to do? Disrupt the cycle! At Accelerator 7 we teach you the skills you need to succeed as an IT manager and the experience to run real-world IT projects using the business tools that IT managers use every day in large corporations. As you run your selected projects each week you will need to respond to emails, do research, collaborate with coworkers, report to others and meet deadlines for your projects.

Each of your projects will have weekly learning objectives, weekly project deadlines and require you to make decisions and provide solutions. With our dynamic curriculum you will have choices every week: audit, recommended, and extra credit. If you are already knowledgeable about the week’s coursework (for example: how to use excel to create macros), you can audit that lesson. If you need to learn the week’s recommended material you can focus on that. And if you are ambitious to learn more there are always extra credit materials such as case studies and current articles.

Courses are four, eight or twelve weeks long and every course has weekly deadlines. You decide where to focus your efforts while completing the required coursework. You will receive your weekly assignments Monday morning and have until Sunday evening to get your work done. Each course should take four to six hours per week of study and task completion so you can decide when to do your research, reading, learning, and meet deadlines.

Gardeners use rakes and shovels, mechanics use wrenches and screw drivers. IT managers use Word, Excel, Power Point, SharePoint, OneNote, and other software business tools. In our full immersion program you will use all of these tools every week as you run your projects, complete your homework, and deliver your reports. Your skills will improve every week through learning and repetition and doing.  Your competence will make you confident.

The most important service that we provide is career advice and coaching. Looking for a job is no fun and it’s a skill that most of rarely use or learn. We’ll be with you throughout the course and afterwards. We will help you prepare your resume for today’s hiring managers and practice interviewing. In our opinion the only goal of a resume is get an interview, and the only goal of an interview is to get the job. If your resume doesn’t get you an interview it needs to be modified. If you interview and don’t get the job, we need to practice interviewing. We will be with you all the way.

Our Methodology

IT managers run projects and deliver value to the enterprise. The primary contribution, and value of IT managers, is to take ideas and direction from corporate leadership and deliver completed projects to assigned departments. Therefore, the best way to become a great IT manager is to learn the IT skills needed for today’s corporations (cloud computing, cybersecurity, AI, software implementation, upgrades and refreshes, etc.) and be qualified and competent to deliver the project goals.

At Accelerator 7 all of our coursework is based on real world projects in our virtual company. In every project you will receive your assignments via email from your instructor (the CIO), learn about the relevant skills, software, methodology, and business tools needed, and then you will put all of that together every week to generate your deliverables with Word, Excel, SharePoint, Power Point, etc. and complete and post your assignments for the CIO’s approval or further direction.

The absolute best way to become competent and qualified is to learn a skill, practice the skill, and then reinforce the skill through continued use. At the end of twelve weeks you will be an experienced IT manager with a well-rounded set of skills, knowledge and experience and you will be able to speak confidently about more than a dozen software programs that are used all across the US in large corporations. Competence will make you confident!

Many Paths

  • One-on-one mentoring
  • On demand video learning
  • Project assignments
  • Learning quizzes
  • Case studies
  • Current articles
  • Use the tools



Our Tuition Guarantee: We Believe in You

We know you can do it and we put our fees on the line for you. If you don’t get a full time job within six months of completing Accelerator 7 we will waive our tuition fees.

Why Accelerator 7?

Americans have an average of seven careers during their working life. In today’s rapidly changing world it pays to accelerate the change from one career to the next. We believe that many workers today don’t need to get another college degree to advance their careers. They just need to transfer their relevant skills and learn about another industry.

Every year tens of thousands of professionals reinvent themselves.

Why not you? Why not now?